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On-line Estimate

Thank you for your interest in using Myers Construction for your construction project. Our main interest is providing you with a quality finished product that will serve your family's needs for years to come.

There is no obligation or cost involved with this on-line estimate. Please, feel free to recalculate as many times as you would like. This may be necessary to fit the estimate to your budget and time constraints.

For your estimate to be as accurate as possible, you must be sure to include all applicable work.
Width of the add-on
Length of the add-on
Now please specify the type of space the add-on will be. If the add-on is comprised of more than one type of space, you should complete the worksheet once for each type of space using that space's dimensions.(12x12 bath + 12x12 bedroom = 24x12 addition)
Living Area (Living room, bedroom, etc.)

This is just an informal estimate.

A formal bid will be submitted after an on-site inspection.