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Welcome to the Myers Construction Placement test. This test is used as an aid in placing potential employees in the most compatible position. The score will not keep you from being eligible for a job at Myers Construction, it merely allows us to note the level of construction knowledge at the time of submission.

Although this test will be a consideration when setting a wage, the application and a personal interview will also be considered. With this being an online test, it is possible to search the internet for answers for some questions. Please do not. An accurate assessment of your knowledge will allow for you to be placed in a position where your skills and knowledge will grow. A falsified test may achieve a higher position or pay scale, but your real knowledge level will be self evident the first day on the job.

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1. What is the "frost line"?
The temperature where dew turns to frost.
The average depth for soil in a particular region to fall below freezing.
The line where frost forms beneath the overhangs on the wall.
2. What is the standard reinforcement for a four inch thick slab?
6 X 6 welded wire mesh.
No. 4 rebar 12 inches on center.
3. How much area will 1 yard of concrete cover at 4 inches thick?
4. How much concrete would you need for a footing for a building which is 20ft. by 35ft.? Footing width and depth is 2ft.
16.3 yards
20.5 yards
14.8 yards
5. What does "on center" mean?
A carpenters' saying for good and square and straight.
The distance from stud to stud from center to center.
The layout starts from center
6. What would the rough opening be for a 2668 door?
32 in. X 82in.
30in. X 80in.
26in. X 68in.
7. What is the framed ceiling height when using standard precut studs"?
97 1/8in.
100 1/2in.
8. What is the minimum size framing member for use as a ceiling joist for a 12ft. wide room?
2 x 4
2 x 8
2 x 6
9. What is the "bridge length"?
The distance a header spans.
The length of the ridge.
The length of a rafter for 1ft of run.
10. What is the first thing that should be laid out when laying out a hip roof?
The Hip rafters.
The First Common
The Ridge
11. What is the difference in hip jacks on 24in centers for a 5/12 pitch?
12. How high would the ridge be from the plate for a 25ft. wide building on a 7/12 pitch?
(The rafter has 4in. left after birds mouth.)
87 1/2in.
91 1/2in.
13. What is the standard reveal for asphalt shingles?
4 in.
5 in.
6 in.
14. Considering 5 ft. vent per 1000 squft. footage, how much attic vent space would you need for a 2350 squft. home?
5 squft.
10 squft.
11.75 squft.
15. What is the standard kitchen cabinet height?
34 in.
36 in.
32 in.
16. How big would the cabinet door be for an opening of 16 5/8 in. X 26 in. allowing for a 5/8 in. overlap?
17 7/8 in. X 27 1/4 in.
17 1/4 in. X 26 5/8 in.
17 in. X 27 in.
17. What is the standard opening for a dishwasher?
24 in.
30 in.
36 in.
18. What is the term "orange peel" referring to in drywall?
The paper that comes off drywall when not cut smoothly.
Lumps in the mud when not mixed properly.
The texture sprayed on the wall as the last step.
19. What is the standard brick pocket in residential construction?
3 in.
4 in.
5 in.
20. How much siding would it take for a wall 12 ft. high and 35 ft. long with a 3068 door and a 3040 window?
4.25 square
5.63 square
3.88 square.